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The glossary can be used starting either from the illustrations or the defined terms. In order to help those learning about timber framing, we have arranged the Illustrations in groups according to the type of truss or part of the building, so that they can be used on-site to facilitate the naming of timbers. We hope that those who come new to the identification of the members of a timber-framed building will find this especially helpful.

From the Illustrations, clicking on one of the caption terms leads to the corresponding definition. An asterisk (*) in the caption indicates that the feature concerned is shown more than once on the set of drawings; such multiple occurrences are always marked by the same letter, though not necessarily on other pages.

The Terms can be accessed (1) from the list of terms, which includes the subsidiary terms defined under each head-word; (2) from the A-Z links to parts of this list; (3) by searching for a word or part-word, typed into the search box followed by ‘return’. Note that this search identifies all occurrences of the word, in the About sections as well as the Glossary itself



cross references: ARCADE

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