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Through-splayed scarf

The splays are not stopped.

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29 - Scarf Joints

29 - Scarf Joints

a) Face-halved scarf b) Side-pegging c) Peg d) Face-pegging e) Face

f) Splayed scarf g) Side h) Side-halved i*) Vertical butt j) Face-halved and bladed scarf

k) Squinted butt inside halved scarf l) Undersquinted butt in halved scarf m) Sallied butt

n) Through-splayed and tabled scarf (Trait de Jupiter) p) Side-halved and bridled scarf

q) Stop-splayed scarf r) Key s) Stop-splayed scarf with bridled butts and face key

t) Stop-splayed and tabled scarf with key u) Through-splayed and tabled scarf with face key

v) Stop-splayed and tabled scarf with sallied and undersquinted butt, internal tongues and key

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